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“Clear vision” is always a stage when knowledge becomes wisdom. In such a world full of suspicions nowadays which you cannot rely on your ears and eyes for the truth, news no longer have the justice and food can be fake, cheating between people just happening every day. In the process of accumulating wisdom, how many times have you bite your tongue off? Did you learn your lesson from the painful experience? And does it help you with a better and clearer vision?

<Eye & Mind> visual cultural exhibition is a visual artistic creation exhibition in cross region and media, combining handmade eyewear, oil painting and photography, using eyewear culture as the pivot, running through different art-piece and photography. In this exhibition, one of the art-piece of the Romania painter, Raceanu Mihai Adrian, is a lady who is wearing a metal frame glasses, holding a book with a cover of “How to get smart?”, which seems to be answers by another Macau photographer, Chan Hin Io, in his set of photos of the old folks and old shops which has been washed in times.

In order to have a “clear vision”, tools, experience and time are needed. A clear vision can help to clean the curtain which helps the soul to get in touch with the world, making the life experience to be the wisdom tool.



是次<睛。智>視覺文化展是個跨地域及媒介的視覺藝術創作展覽,結合手工眼鏡、油畫、攝影三個不同媒介的創作,以眼鏡文化為交集,貫穿於畫作與攝影之間。參與這次展覽的羅馬尼亞畫家其中一幅畫作,是一名戴著金絲眼鏡的女士埋首書中,手裏拿著一本封面寫著”How to get smart?”的書。遙遙相距了整遍亞洲大陸的澳門攝影師陳顯耀先生這次的展出的照片中,那些經歷歲月洗滌的老街坊、老店鋪,彷彿微妙地回答了這個問題。


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