NSBQ Underground Radio show

new program at my online radio’s creative channel,

with my team NSBQ’s core members and guests…
every Tuesday evening 7pm, at:
每星期二晚上 七時,一個屬於 寧死不屈 小隊的地下網台節目,與大家分享情報
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  1. 加油呀,mc仁先生,
    如果可以, can we talk in e.mail??
    I am a GREAT fan of ur music and product, i wanna find the sunglasses by u

  2. 仁哥..小弟都鐘意hiphop..你D Rap我敬仰都不得了.希望有機會可以同你Rap下..但係我唔識音樂..

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