LMF is back with FREE MUSIC

y’all know tha thang!!!


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7 Responses to “LMF is back with FREE MUSIC”

  1. been hoping for this day for a long time.

  2. 仁哥~~~我係厦门的~~我好中意你概HIP HOP~~~也都好中意香港概文化~~希望你快点出新歌~~~我都好中意布殊概类型的歌~~~

  3. Excellent !!!

  4. 仁哥~~~LIBERTY好劲吖,我好钟意,希望快地复出,我要听新歌~~~LMF ARE COME BACK ~~(T_T)

  5. 加油!!!
    好回味, 1127, 反骨仔 ,大懒堂 ,债, parasalud and etc…

    From Malaysia…………….

  6. Support! Add oil! Keep it up man!


  7. welcome back
    keep up the good fight

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